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Kerala Lottery Result Today: MONSOON BUMPER-2016 (BR-50) 20.07.2016 WEDNESDAY

Kerala Lottery Result Today: MONSOON BUMPER-2016 (BR-50) 20.07.2016 WEDNESDAY

Today is the day of a Bumper Draw in conducted by Kerala Government Lottery Department. On of it's famous bumper draws "Monsoon Bumper-2016" is to be drawn today by 2:30 PM at  Sree Chithra Home Auditorium, Pazhavangadi, East  Fort, Thiruvananthapuram. As the 50th draw of Bumper Lotteries "Monsoon Bumper-2016"  offers Rs.3 Crore as the first prize, 5 Second prizes of Rs. 10 Lakhs and 5 Third prizes of Rs. 5 Lakh as upper tier prizes. 1 Lakh, 10 Thousands, 5 Thousands, 1000, 500 and 200 are lower level prizes. There are 45 Lakh tickets printed for sale in 5 series. A maximum of  70710 prizes will be disbursed in 9 prize tiers. First three level of prizes are drawn from sold tickets only to make sure that those prizes are given away to public. The total prize amount of Monsoon bumper may sum up to Rs.12,99,25,000/- if all the tickets were sold. An amount of Rs. 1, 35,32, 500 /- is to be disbursed as agency commission for the  Kerala Lottery Agents. 

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There will be another draw of Kerala lottery today and that will be of Akshaya (AK-251) as normal weekly lottery on Wednesdays. The first draw will be of "Monsoon Bumper-2016" and soon after the second draw of "Akshaya" will be conducted in the same venue. 

Kerala lottery Akshaya (AK-251). The MRP of the ticket is Rs.30/- only. A total of 90 Lakh tickets are printed for the sale. Today's Akshaya lottery tickets are printed in 10 series ie, AA, AB, AC, AD, AE, AG, AH, AJ, AK & AL. There will be 9 lakh tickets in a series numbering from 100000 (including) to 999999 (including).===================================You may have a detailed look into the Prize Structure & Terms and Conditions of Kerala Lottery Akshaya by clicking

here. ===================================Now  as looking into the prizes offered by today's Kerala lottery Akshaya (AK-251), the First Prize is Rs. 65 Lakh to the most lucky ticket common to all series. The Second Prize Rs. 2 Lakh will be awarded to 10 tickets one from each series. The first prize and the second prize are drawn under the assured portion. If these prizes are drawn to unsold tickets the numbers are re-drawn till sold tickets are found as the winners.

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